Hey. This is a work in progress. For sure. But I’ve been wanting to get a website going for a while now, to act as a bit of a hub for everything I’m working on.

From the start, my YouTube channel was made so that I could talk about what I am passionate about (video games, film, television, comedy, etc.). Over the past couple of years, it has become a lot more focused on music than anything else. Since the majority of my viewers are there for that, and I still very much enjoy doing those videos, I didn’t want to deter from that too much. I’ve realized that it’s not practical for me to do videos on everything, so I thought that perhaps a blog like this would help.

Now the majority of my time on YouTube can go towards music-related content (reactions, reviews, etc.). Does this mean I won’t do any videos outside of that? No, not at all. But most of the time I will likely be with a guest if I intend to do detailed on discussions on a game or something. Otherwise, I hope to funnel most of those thoughts here. This blog will be less focused on music and more focused on everything else, so as to complement the YouTube channel.

Anything really goes here, but I will probably do mostly gaming/film/TV “reviews” until I find a groove and figure out if that’s the direction I want to stick with or not. I threw some quotation marks around “review” because I want to make it abundantly clear that they won’t be super serious professional reviews. They will mostly be light-hearted and casual, maybe even weird. I don’t want to focus on achieving perfection, I just want to get my genuine thoughts out there while also hopefully giving some entertainment as well.

With that being said, I hope you stick around as I fumble my way through this mess. Hoping to do even more cool stuff in the future. There’s an option on the sidebar to follow me via e-mail if you’re into that sort of thing and would rather not have to check back all the time. Let me know your thoughts!


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