Why Rick and Morty fans love Rick and Morty

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It’s amazing to form a mutual love and respect for something. For once to forget the negativity and just gush over something you are truly passionate about with other like-minded people. So, I figured: Why not bring together said like-minded individuals and ask them to write up a bit on why they love said something.

In this case, Rick and Morty. A show which I have only recently grown to love when I finally took the plunge and binge watched the first two seasons to be caught up now.

Below, 6 people have come together to discuss why they love Rick and Morty as much as they do. Bask in the positivity and enjoy.

George Iskander:

I enjoy Rick and Morty because it’s completely hilarious and totally absurd. Yet the characters are totally fleshed out. Take Rick, as soon as we meet him, the show establishes who he is. He’s despicable but just loveable because of how much a maverick he is, and that’s what attracts most people to the show I think. We all want to see what crazy adventure Rick is gonna go on next.

Taylor Barth:

I think the greatest thing about Rick and Morty to me is how completely insignificant it makes everything feel. It doesn’t sound great, but it makes your mistakes feel so much more minor and meaningless when you imagine there being infinite timelines of yourself. The philosophies presented in the show are really brutal and kind of depressing at first but after thinking about them long enough you realize they’re more optimistic and wholesome than they appear. Aside from that, I really enjoy Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s unique writing styles. I love that all of ricks lines are recorded while roiland is drunk off his ass and I also love the free flowing improvisational tone most of the episodes have (despite only a few having actual improv in them)


Simply put, I enjoy Rick and Morty because it consistently makes me laugh. I am hard pressed to think of a dull scene in the show’s run thus far that lacked comedy, action, and or interesting philosophical implications. But this is a trivial response (if I enjoy an intelligent comedy, I obviously enjoy the components of the show that are funny and smartly written). So if I had to put my finger on a particular aspect of Rick and Morty that makes the show uniquely enjoyable to me, I would say it’s the experience of viewing a rich sci-fi setting through the indifferent lens of Rick. The show incorporates all the standard sci-fi tropes we’ve come to expect, and often spoofs popular films (The Purge and Mad Max come to mind particularly as episodes I have enjoyed despite having yet seen the base material), but instead of seeing the beauty of science fiction romanticized by excited explorers, or the horrors of science and the unknown as impassable barriers for mankind to struggle against, we see them stripped of their wonder and challenge by a brilliant drunk trying to fabricate purpose for himself. This deviation from the norm is both refreshingly entertaining and philosophically provoking, allowing me as a viewer to have a fun time watching realistic takes on fantasy scenarios already impeded in the collective sci-fi conscious. (This theme came out particularly well in the most recent episode at time of writing “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”, which due being the episode most on my mind has possibly swayed my perception of what is most important about Rick and Morty to me).

Dan Weaver:

I love Rick and Morty because it’s smart. It doesn’t talk down to its audience like so many shows do. It doesn’t make the expected joke, or go for cheap, easy laughs. It doesn’t rely on shock humor or offending people. Instead, it crafts a story around deeply interesting and complex characters set in a very full, well developed multiverse. And there are so, so many references in it that are so easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. I pick up something new every time I watch it. And it’s fast. So fast. It goes at its own pace and expects you to keep up. So many shows seem to be playing to the dumbest and laziest in our society. Rick and Morty does not.

Brooke Blumenstock:

Sometimes when I’m watching Rick and Morty, even I’m confused as to why I like it so much. It’s so not my normal type of show. It can be so violent, crude, and just gross. But the difference between Rick and Morty and so many shows that I shy away for those same things is that Rick and Morty is so, so smart. It doesn’t rely on the gross or crude for cheap shock factor, but rather the audience can tell that’s just how this world is. Besides being incredibly funny and witty, the storytelling and world-building is just incredible. The way you can see how Morty is slowly affected by his adventures with Rick, the occasional hints about Rick’s past, it’s all so well done and enjoyable to watch. And season 1 and 2 especially have a great format of having seemingly disjointed adventures all be strung along in an overarching story. I guess I’m summation I’ll just say that I’m a fan because Rick and Morty is a hilarious, intelligent show that never disappoints.

Zach Archer:

I was really surprised and continue to be surprised by how brilliant Rick and Morty is. I had heard it mentioned and praised so many times before, but I didn’t think much of it. There are so many well-received shows out there, I can’t possibly get around to watching all of them. But Rick and Morty really seemed to be such a cultural phenomenon. It was hard to go anywhere on the internet without seeing more praise for it. So I finally gave it a shot and I am grateful that I did. I actually don’t binge many shows these days, but Rick and Morty was one of them. Not only is it just funny on a base level, but there is so much thought put into it. The comedic timing is some of the best I’ve seen. There is definitely a lot of humor which could easily be dismissed as insubstantial or just plain stupid, when in actuality so much work has gone into crafting it to make it such a unique and special brand of comedy. This special brand allows the writers to go from a stupid fart joke or one of Rick’s frequent belches to a really intelligent joke that plays off of pop culture or politics. Rick and Morty establishes its unique style in the first episode which allows it to continually push the envelope on defying all conventions of comedy, animation, and television in general.

Well there you have it. Just some people gushing over a thing they love! Let me know if you’d like to see more. Maybe Game of Thrones next time?

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