Making Adjustments


I have felt pretty exhausted this past week. My sleep schedule’s all out of whack, I guess. Lately I’ll not have enough sleep the previous day so I wake up later in the day than I’d like. Last year, I pretty much never worked before 9am, but I was at a point where I would set my alarm for 7:30-8 regardless of when I needed to wake up so I could try to get a nice and early start on the day. It didn’t always work, but I would usually wake up by 9am at least. Now I tend to work later in the day on average than I did last year so I often find myself staying up later and waking up later as a result. In order to reach a happier place, I definitely feel like it would be beneficial for me to work towards establishing a better sleep schedule again. That, and developing a more productive schedule for the day in general. I’d like to be able to set clear goals for myself while also leaving myself an appropriate amount of time to do enjoyable things as well as work towards a healthier mind/body in general. Everything I want to do is so time-consuming but I’ve got to make it work somehow.

Starting at the end of next week I’m going to be taking eight days off from work, and I intend to use those days to the fullest. Getting my resume/portfolio finished, getting everything ready to make videos on my solo channel again, buying CLOTHES that I need to buy… I want to get it all finished. And I’m putting it out there now so that I can hold myself to it. I want to have some time to relax during my time off but I also want to finish these tasks that have been hanging over my head for a while now.

For now, I’m still dealing with this problem where I’ll be fine one day and miserable the next. And I’m not sure if that will ever truly go away for as long as I’m depressed, but I do think it mostly boils down to two things which I have mentioned in previous blogs. One is that element of “keeping busy” or just productivity in general. Generally the more I accomplish in a day, the less down in the dumps I am. Which makes sense, I guess. The second element is the people I’m around. For as much as I convinced myself growing up that I was a “loner,” I really have come to realize that I am a people person so surrounding myself with good people, especially after what I’ve gone through these past couple of months, is a must. My mood is definitely elevated when I’m around some of the people I’ve been around at work lately who have such a positive energy about them. If it weren’t for these people I’d probably always be miserable at work. Making sure to take time to be with good people outside of work has been crucial as well. I try to make it a point to do something with a friend at least once a week. And I’m always open to more! I’ve always made a conscious effort to be there for my friends if they need me, and if they take the time to reach out to me I am always appreciative.

That’s gonna be it for this week. Hopefully in a couple weeks’ time I will be able to talk more specifically about developments I’m making, and some of my creative plans for the future. In the meantime I’m posting new videos on the Tarqaron YouTube channel every week so be sure to check those out if you have any interest in film/tv/gaming! Thanks again.

One thought on “Making Adjustments

  1. Zach, I’m in the same place regarding sleep habits! I think you have the right idea about trying to get your day started earlier. AND setting important goals for your week off work! I’ll be interested in hearing how it goes.


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