Things That I Love


I can’t concentrate enough to write anything very deep or complex so I figured I would do a fun leel exercise of positivity. I’m literally just going to name a bunch of things that I love.

Playing basketball
Throwing a frisbee
Having philosophical discussions
My friends
My fam
Making YouTube videos
Watching YouTube videos
Making people laugh
Nice weather
Board games
Watching movies
Watching good TV
Road trips with good company
Playing video games
Listening to music
Passionate people
Discovering new talent
Having meaningful conversations
Iced tea
Relaxing in a pool
Eating chicken
Chicken tendies
Chicken nuggies
Halloween vibes
Life simulation games
Fresh air
Watching and making fun of awful movies
Being a part of teams/communities
Coming up with creative and fun ideas
Learning more about people
Kind people
Empathetic people
Learning about different cultures
Stress-free days
Heartfelt human moments
Art that moves you

This was an interesting little exercise, actually. It’s nice to think in a more positive way, whether it be meaningful, thoughtful things like spending time with people you love or stupid, mindless things like chicken tendies. It’s also interesting to see the different ways my mind thought about this exercise, as I just kind of wrote what came to mind in the order that it came. So I essentially started with thinking about pizza and ended with thinking about dreams. This is definitely something I could do a follow-up to in the future as well, whenever I don’t feel like I can devote my full attention to a more detailed blog. And since I specifically left off specific things like specific music artists, video games, movies, shows, etc., I could always do something with that in the future as well (otherwise I would have been listing hundreds of specific movies and artists that I love).

Hopefully you got something out of this little blurb. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be all that deep, I guess.

Videos I Posted This Week:

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

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