Things That I Dislike


Here’s a little throwback to a blog post I made a couple of months ago where I listed a bunch of things that I love. This time around, I figured we could all use a little more negativity in the world, so I’m going to list a bunch of things that I dislike instead. Here they are:

Evil people
Bad people
Not nice people
OJ Simpson
Nails on chalkboard
Dirty hands
Entitled people
Self-righteous people
Prejudiced people
Lack of proper communication
Lack of compassion
People who cut others off without explanation
The silent treatment
Being talked down to
Feeling unappreciated
Negative energy
Unnecessary drama
Feeling stuck
Feeling isolated
Religious zealots
Irrational thinking
Doing nothing
Wasting time

Okay, I’ll just stop there. I just ended up in a more negative state of mind than intended, haha. That’s it.

Videos I Posted This Week:

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

Survivor 41 (tv show)
Ghostbusters II (film)
Mainstage 2021 (gaming tournament)

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