Crunch Time


As someone who is not a professional writer by any means, I’ve come to realize that a combination of writer’s block and procrastination can prove especially deadly in crunch time situations. Back when I was in school this was obviously something I battled with time and time again, but I’ve also noticed it in adult life when it comes to settling deadlines or schedules for creative endeavors in general. In school it got to the point where I wasn’t trying to stop procrastinating, but rather I was making the best of it assuming I would be procrastinating. I had become so convinced that procrastination was just a part of my DNA that I figured I would accept it and try to adapt to it the best that I could. But I, being the logical and rational person that I am, realize that I could have done so much better work if I had simply not procrastinated. I just couldn’t shake that habit, so often times essays or studying would get crammed into an unhealthily short amount of time, and of course the end result would suffer, no matter how much I might try to convince myself otherwise.

And I’m seeing a similar energy being channeled into this blog, which is the most regimented thing in terms of a deadline I set for myself on a weekly basis right now. I usually put it off until the day of, if not an hour before I have to finish it like right now. And when you combine that with a bit of a writer’s block and no established idea or topic ahead of a time, it can lead to some more uninspired blog posts. So in the coming weeks I’m going to be making a more conscious effort to give myself more time to actually develop the posts into what I want them to be, and to have ideas in place well ahead of time. There’s something I really appreciate about the posts that I just write in the spur of the moment, whatever comes to mind, but having too many of those can be detrimental to the overall quality, especially when I have so many conversations and ideas I have yet to explore which could be of more substance.

It’s absurd because I knew procrastination was an unnecessary burden/stress to put on myself all those years ago, and yet here I am still going strong with it even in my own creative projects. But now I’ve put it out there, so I can be held accountable if I continue to give in to its sweet temptation.

Videos I Posted This Week:

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

Survivor 41 (tv show)
Accused: Guilty or Innocent? (tv show)
GG Melee (YouTube)
Toph (YouTube)
Pentatonix – A Pentatonix Christmas (album)
Pentatonix – Christmas is Here! (album)

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