My 2018 in Review: Gaming

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I love video games. In fact, video games have been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember, really. Yet, despite that, my priorities seemed to shift from gaming to television and film for much of 2018. In many ways, video games kind of fell to the back-burner for the year. The fact that I was studying so much television and film in college throughout the year probably had something to do with that. Not that it’s a problem, really, but I would like to finish more video games in 2019 while continuing to enjoy television and film as much as I have as well.

Ultimately, I only finished 7 games in 2018, which is a pretty lousy number all in all. Obviously I played much more than that throughout the year, but for the sake of a brief recap, I will just list those few that I finished.

My 2018 in Review: Film

Film, Written Posts

Hey y’all, it’s time for a bit of a hoot and a holler. So basically I’m going to go over the films I watched in 2018. Just to preface, this is all of the movies watched for the first time in 2018, meaning that this list includes not only new releases, but any oldies I watched during the year as well. Hence why this post is called MY 2018 in Review and not something like “Here Are Some Movies That Came Out in 2018”.

All in all, I watched 32 movies for the first time in 2018. Here they are! I’ll share any specific comments I have along the way. If you have any questions, feel free to comment them!