I actually have no idea what to write about this week. I always feel like I’ll be more prepared with something to talk about in the next blog, and then I have less and less to talk about it seems. But hey, that’s just the reality of doing a weekly blog that is as transparent as this is, I guess. Not every week is eventful. Though I concede that most of my weeks are generally uneventful, all things considered. And that’s just another thing I need to work on (doing more things).

Motivation is my biggest problem right now, for sure. In many ways I’ve become complacent and a lot of elements in my life have stagnated, and that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid. I’ve gotta get myself out of this rut and then I can really start making progress. Mentally it’s just so hard. I filmed a follow-up video to the video I did talking about my depression, so hopefully that will give some more insight into what I’m thinking. That should be up within the week.

Since I have nothing to talk about, I won’t even waste your time with nonsense (I considered writing about literal nonsense). I bought New Pokémon Snap on the day it came out and still have yet to play it, and now Mass Effect: Legendary Edition just came out and I bought that as well. I even have problems motivating myself to play video games these days, it seems. My goal is to play ASAP, so I guess that will be my exciting goal for the night. See you next week, I promise I’ll think of more interesting topics.

Videos I Posted This Week:

Reacting to George Carlin – YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS
Survivor: Vanuatu – Episode 1 (Yasurrrr!) | Tarqaron Reaction
Tarqaron All-Stars 2: A Survivor Simulation
Announcing Our Next Movie Review Series! | Tarqaron

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

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