Fixing My Schedule


Hey there! I’ve got nothing to say, really. I’m doing okay this week, nothing too earth-shattering. I’m still just kind of going through the motions, so once I break that cycle then I’ll have more interesting things to talk about.

A smaller goal of mine at this point is to get myself in the habit of waking up earlier and more consistently so I can have a healthier schedule and fit in more physical activity early in the day. I’m so used to being able to get up later generally, though, that it’s going to be hard to hold myself to it. But I’m confident that once I can consistently get up earlier and have a more reliable schedule, it will be better and healthier for me in the long-run.

I haven’t really had time to play any of the games I’ve been wanting to play more of for a while, and I haven’t had time to catch up on any of the shows I haven’t watched in a while. Once I establish a better schedule hopefully I’ll have more time for everything I want to do in general. I’m still going strong with making videos but I have a lot of ideas that I’ve yet to tap into since my schedule isn’t reliable enough at the moment.

I feel like I keep saying this but my goal now is to have a more interesting topic prepared for next week’s blog. I’ll always do mental health/life updates but ultimately I don’t think there is enough material there to fill full blogs each week, as you can see here. So I think I’ll come up with more focused topics to delve into outside of that to mix things up and add more variety and depth moving forward.

Videos I Posted This Week:

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“Dealing” with depression
Survivor: Vanuatu – Episode 3 (Team Twila) | Tarqaron Reaction
We’re reviewing every Shrek movie
Shrek 2 | Tarqaron Review (w/ Spoilers)

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

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