Oh jeez it’s crunch time oh jeez. I’m rushing to see if there’s any way I could possibly get this out in time because I just realized, at literally the last hour, that it is Friday and I don’t want to break my streak if I can avoid it. So hoo boy, here come some rushed thoughts. Looks like I won’t be able to come through on that promise from last week of coming up with a more focused and well-thought out topic ahead of time. Whoops! Sorry about that. Guess I’m just embracing the crazy at this point. Why do I feel the need to be so serious in these blogs every week, anyway? I guess something about writing so bluntly about what’s going on with me mentally doesn’t lend itself to the lightest of tones, but if you didn’t know me and just read these blogs you would think I am just a miserable person with nothing going for myself, wouldn’t you?

And hey, that’s only a minor facet of my personality. Really, around my friends I can be pretty wacky and I love to make people laugh. I don’t think you’d get that impression at all from my blogs. Maybe this is the secret sauce my blogs have been missing all this time, approaching them in a more unpredictable manner and throwing caution to the wind. Not getting hung up on each sentence and stressing over the minutia of certain phrasing and what not. A true typing-whatever-I’m-thinking style in approach. This could be quite liberating, actually. Though I’m still aware that there are certain topics I’d like to cover which should be handled with a bit more thought and will keep that in mind. I’ve never really typed in such a freeform way, so it’s worth a shot for sure.

Bringing it back to my personality and how it is/isn’t reflected in my writing style here… back in grade school I made a bit of a name for myself for writing comedic fictional stories for creative writing assignments in class. I’ve kind of lost that since then, in terms of writing for sure, but I still love to make people laugh whenever I can. I just haven’t channeled it into my writing in a while. In my public speaking class in college I did comedic, semi-improvised speeches which was a new way of using that same kind of energy, and that was refreshing for sure. A class which I always dreaded having to take ended up making up some of the highlights of my college experience. Unexpected, for sure. I’d like to elaborate a bit on one of those highlights in a future segment I’d like to incorporate, either in writing or video form. More on that in the future!

Well wow, this was really short but it was a thrill. This is some of the most fun I’ve had in a while with this so I’d definitely like to bring this same kind of energy forward, maybe even with some of the more serious topics. We’ll see! But I’d definitely like to at least channel this energy into blogs when I’ve given myself more time to let my thoughts flow rather than cram it all into a short timeframe (though this was fun). I’ve been getting to know some great people and I appreciate the great people I’ve gotten to spend time with this week! Even got out and played some basketball for the first time in years! Say YES to physical activity woohoo! I’m hoping to make that a weekly thing as well, that was a blast. As much as it may seem like it, I’m not just a couch potato. I have LAYERS, like ogres and onions and all that. God bless Shrek.

Videos I Posted This Week:

My thoughts on the past year of Pentatonix music!
Survivor: Vanuatu – Episode 4 (In Awe of Da) | Tarqaron Reaction
Watching Sof’s music video for Bloom
Shrek the Third | Tarqaron Review (w/ Spoilers)

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

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