A Breath of Fresh Air


Man, people are capable of some pretty horrible stuff, huh? I’ve been watching videos on some combination of outrageous and vile crimes this past week and even though I get hooked on those kinds of videos every now and then, I still find humans’ fascination with the topic of horrific crimes so hard to wrap my head around. Some of the stuff I’ve watched/read about is really disturbing and horrible to hear about, and yet I continue to look into new stories. I’m not sure what it is exactly that brings people back to these awful real-life horror stories time and time again but damn does it really put you in a different headspace for a while. In a sense it makes you appreciate simple things like the comfort of your own home just a bit more. I don’t know, kind of random, but I JUST watched some episodes of the show Panic 9-1-1 before writing this, so it’s top of mind for me right now.

Anyways, on to more of this week. I’ve fallen a bit behind on editing for Tarqaron and haven’t recorded any videos for my channel in a while but that’s alright. I think the biggest thing I’ve taken away from this week is that I had really forgotten how good it feels to be active. I’ve been working on going outside and playing basketball with my friend more regularly and I’ve found that to be refreshing, for sure. Honestly, as much as I’ve always been the nerd whose hobbies largely revolve around sitting inside, I’ve always had a love for doing things outdoors, especially with good company. Basketball and frisbee almost never get old. And in an ideal world I’d have my own little spot to spend time outside every day if I could. It’s well into the night at this point and I would’ve opted to type this outside if not for the fact that it’s raining right now. As sad as it sounds, it has literally been years since going outside and being active in any way, shape or form were a part of my routine at all. I guess it’s time for me to turn over a new leaf again.

That being said, I still love me some nerdy indoor activities, and I’ve been sorely lacking in that department as well. In my ideal world, I’d have a schedule that perfectly balances video-making time, outdoors time, and movie/show/game time mixed with time to spend with friends. Right now I just feel like so much of my days are going to waste, but getting back to some regularly-scheduled outdoors time is definitely a step in the right direction. If I could fully fix my sleep schedule in accordance with that it would definitely help matters as well. If anyone ever wants to play some basketball or frisbee with me, I’ll pretty much always be down.

Videos I Posted This Week:

Survivor: Vanuatu – Episode 5 (Bubba Blunders) | Tarqaron Reaction
Shrek Forever After | Tarqaron Review (w/ Spoilers)

Things I Enjoyed This Week:

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